Visuals – The character of Franz Kafka

Hello everybody,

For our first post in the « Visuals » section, we have decided to talk about the principal character of the game: Franz Kafka.

The aesthetics of a character is a very important job. You can’t screw up this part of your project. That’s why it was a pretty long trip to find the final visual of our Kafka. At first, the game would have been in pixel art. But, the result wasn’t really good. That’s why we decided to draw Kafka in a vector style. We chose Illustrator for the design of the game and we refused to try to reach a photorealism style. The global aesthetics is more like a cartoon but it’s not because it looks like a cartoon that the game is for children. The very simple style of the character will help us to focus on the emotions of the character. It’s the most important for us.

Beyond this technical aspect of the game, we searched several pictures of Franz Kafka when he was a child. But, it’s really difficult to find photographs or paintings. For the moment, we know about 2 or 3 photographs of Kafka as a young boy. We tried to conserve the general aspect, and sadness, of the man in our cartoon style.

If Kafka seems sad in our game, it’s also because his relationship with his father was a big struggle. His father was an authoritarian man. For the young Kafka, it was probably very hard to find his place in the family. In a very famous letter to his father, which was never send, Kafka explains as an adult how it was difficult for him to live with this father bigger than life.

To finish this article, you could see several pictures from the beginning to the final aspect of our character.

Gueule kafka_Copy 2 copieA very pixel art style at the beginning of the project.

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Story – Why Kafka ?

Hello everybody,

For our (real) first post, we have decided to talk about the choice of Franz Kafka as principal topic for our first game.

I’ve visited, me, Alexis Hassler (alfoux), the city of Prague in last December. It was a great trip and one day I was at the Kafka’s museum. It was a shock. I discovered the power of Kafka’s work.

The idea of creating a video game is an old one for me. After having thinking, and writing several papers, about video games I’ve decided to do more and that’s why I’ve started to create my own game.

Kafka’s life is as interesting as his novels or short stories. His life was a constant struggle between his desire to become a famous writer and his obligation as an employee in an assurance enterprise. This link was ideal for me, as a writer and game designer, to give to players some interesting feelings and thoughts about the daily struggle of life.

When I returned from Prague, I’ve started to read again some novels and short stories written by Kafka as “In the Penal Colony” which is a really good one. Step by step, I understood that Kafka would help me to create a true psychological video game. A video game in which the player will see every consequence of his acts. When I say that, I mean consequences on the mental health of the character.

Just to finish, some pictures of the Kafka’s museum.

3 2005_FRANZ-KAFKA-MUSEUM_PRAGUE_02-2 kafka-museum-prague

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